In the Training Week, students learn the basic concepts of capital markets and derivatives and develop practical insights to trading and industry practices. The following concepts are covered:

Session Content
Capital and Derivatives Markets
Capital Markets and Asset Classes | Capital Market Terminologies | Stock Exchanges, Brokers | Derivatives Markets | Trading in Futures | Predicting Market Direction using Open Interest
Value Investing with Fundamental Analysis
Basics of Equity Fundamentals | Three Statement Analysis | Company & Business Analysis | Stock Shortlisting for Investment
Option Trading
Option Terminologies | Option Payoff Matrix | Intrinsic and Time Value | Practical Option Trading Examples
Technical Analysis
Assumptions in Technical Analysis | Dow Theory: Understanding Market Structure & Trend | Important Candlestick Patterns with Live Examples | Trend-lines, Fusing Technical and Basic Derivatives to find short-term trends
Hands-on Trading in NSMART
Hands-on Trading on Equity and Equity Derivatives on real-world market data, trailing by just 15 minutes.

NSE Academy reserves the sole right to modify/amend/change/update the curriculum and/or the content of the training sessions as, in its sole opinion, deems fit.

Sample Certificate

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who meet the minimum attendance criteria in the training sessions. The Certificate displayed here is for illustration purposes only and may not an exact representation of the actual Certificate. The sessions in the Training Week will be hosted on video conferencing applications like WebEx and can be attended from smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktops. Participants will get access to the recordings of the sessions for 3 months Certificate of Completion (digital format) upon successful completion of all four sessions

Warm Up

Participants will be provided with a demo and hands-on exposure to trading on NSMART. In the Warm-up Week, participants can practice and hone their trading acumen, and also prepare themselves for the contest.


TRADE-A-THON is a national live stock trading contest brought to you by NSE Academy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. This contest aims to promote sound investing and trading practices among students from higher education and budding professional traders through a learning experience and participating in the Trade-A-Thon event.

Students can learn basic trading techniques through hands-on experience by competing with other contestants from across India. The learning journey and the contest are curated on our simulated trading platform - NSMART. Students compete for the title of ‘NSE Academy SMART Trader 2023’ and win Prize Money of Rs. 1 lakh.

About NSE Academy

NSE Academy Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSEIL). NSE Academy enables the next generation of BFSI and FinTech professionals to acquire industry-aligned skills – through capacity building programs and certification courses, powered by an online examination and certification system. The courses are well-researched and carefully crafted with inputs from industry experts. NSE Academy works closely with reputed universities and institutions across India in building a competent workforce for the future of BFSI and FinTech. NSE Academy also promotes financial literacy as an essential life skill among youngsters – a contribution towards financial inclusion and wellbeing.