About Global Risk Management Professional (GRMP)

  • The Global Risk Management Program (GRMP) is designed by NSE Academy for Risk Professionals to attain RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP), a valued professional credential!

  • The GRMP, in addition to preparing participants for RIMS-CRMP, provides them with an overview of risk management along with related concepts like risk truths, risk assessment approaches, and risk processes. Participants enrolling for GRMP will get access to additional certificate courses in ‘Fundamentals of Risk Management’, ‘Introduction to Cyber risk and Data security’ and 'Establishing Risk Context’ as self-paced primers.

  • The GRMP is suitable for varied profiles in an organization and viz. risk management and corporate governance specialists, project managers, internal or external auditors, compliance officers, business consultants and across designations - from Chief Officers to Managers.

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Program Certification

RIMS-CRMP Certificate

RIMS-CRMP Certification

issued by RIMS

*Awarded solely based on an individual’s ability to meet the certification requirements.

GRMP Certificate

GRMP Certificate

issued by NSE Academy & RIMS

Fundamentals of Risk Management

Fundamentals of Risk Management

issued by AICPA & CIMA and NSE Academy

Introduction to Cyber Risk & Data Security

Introduction to Cyber Risk & Data Security

issued by RIMS & NSE Academy

Establishing Risk Context

issued by DeakinCo. and NSE Academy

About RIMS-CRMP Certification

As the only competency-based risk management credential, the accredited RIMS-CRMP certification validates the candidate’s performance ability, technical knowledge, and commitment to quality. It represents the standard of education, experience, and ethics that discipline requires. Adding RIMS-CRMP to the professional profile demonstrates that the candidate can successfully manage risk and create value for the organization.

  • Practical Experience: Demonstrate your knowledge of key risk management competencies.

  • Competitive Advantage: Create a valuable distinction in the job market. The RIMS-CRMP prepares you for senior financial, operational, and risk management roles.

  • Personal Responsibility: Demonstrate your commitment to quality and ethics.
  • Recognition: Elevate your status and enhance your professional reputation.

  • Recertification: Show your dedication to discipline and your continued competence by staying up to date on the latest trends and practices.

  • Compensation: Increase your earning potential. Full-time risk professionals with the RIMS-CRMP certification earn nearly $16,000 more annually than non–RIMS-CRMP holders.

RIMS-CRMP holds official accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO/IEC 17024:2012, which makes it the only risk management certification in the world to hold accredited status.

American National Standards Institute accreditation


Heidi Much

Heidi Much

Earning the RIMS-CRMP... demonstrated that my professional experiences were extremely valuable and have given me a great understanding of risk management strategies.

Elliott Long

Elliott Long

I found [the RIMS-CRMP curriculum] extremely helpful, as I was able to apply what I was learning the next day at work… [earning the RIMS-CRMP] was definitely worth it.

Yogesh Ghorpade

Yogesh Ghorpade

After achieving this certification... I got the opportunity to be more closely associated within the Applying ERM framework...

Ideal For

Chief Risk Officer and Senior Risk Management Executives

Corporate Governance Specialists

Chief and Senior Compliance Officers

Group Heads

Chief L&D


Business Consultants

Internal or External Auditors

Project Managers

Risk Management Associates


Chief Risk Officer and Senior Risk Management Executives

Course Structure


Define risk
Identify sources of risk
Identify types of risk
Identify an example of 5 business risk truths
Risk Assessment approaches (SWOTS & PESTLES)
Risk Evaluation
Identify risk management processes

Fundamentals of Data Security and Privacy
Information Management
E-Discovery plan
Trends in Data Breaches

Module 1 - Context, identification, and quality in risk management

The context of risk
Identifying internal and external risks
Assuring quality risk management

Module 2 - Risk classification, treatment, and rating

Classifying and rating risk
Evaluating and developing risk treatments
Risk management strategies

Module 3 - Risk management policy and guidelines

Risk processes and controls
Risk policies
Risk guidelines

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Course Structure

Define risk
Identify sources of risk
Identify types of risk
Identify an example of 5 business risk truths
Risk Assessment approaches (SWOTS & PESTLES)
Risk Evaluation
Identify risk management processes

Fundamentals of Data Security and Privacy
Information Management
E-Discovery plan
Trends in Data Breaches

Module 1 - Context, identification, and quality in risk management

The context of risk
Identifying internal and external risks
Assuring quality risk management

Module 2 - Risk classification, treatment, and rating

Classifying and rating risk
Evaluating and developing risk treatments
Risk management strategies

Module 3 - Risk management policy and guidelines

Risk processes and controls
Risk policies
Risk guidelines

Core Learning Modules

A-1 Obtain internal organization information
A-2 Obtain external information about the organization
A-3 Consolidate organizational information
A-4 Analyse operations of the organization/due diligence
A-5 Describe and/or understand the organization’s value chain
A-6 Conduct benchmarking
A-7 Identify organizational uncertainties

B-1 Develop a risk strategy approach
B-2 Define organizational risk competency capabilities
B-3 Define success measures
B-4 Design risk governance
B-5 Design implementation plan
B-6 Develop a risk communication strategy
B-7 Obtain organizational support for risk strategy

C-1 Identify risks
C-2 Analyse identified risk
C-3 Evaluate risk
C-4 Consult and create risk solutions
C-5 Monitor risk
C-6 Advise on risk management (e.g., strategic, enterprise, operational, business area, business initiatives)

D-1 Deliver risk training
D-2 Engage the organization’s risk network (e.g., safety, security, business continuity, internal audit)
D-3 Coach organization on the risk process and techniques
D-4 Continuously improve risk management process

E-1 Influence risk-based decision making
E-2 Facilitate risk discussions


Overview of Risk Management

Introduction to risk management processes

Background of the RIMS-CRMP certification.

Benefits of obtaining the certification.

How to prepare for the exam.

Five core competencies of the risk professional.





Online LIVE

Online Self-paced

January - March

Core Learning Modules

(Official RIMS-CRMP Curriculum)

Online LIVE &

Online Self-paced

April RIMS-CRMP Examination Online LIVE/ In-person

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RIMS professional instructional designers construct the activities so that the attendees learn from each other as well as from the experienced facilitators. Each such exercise is 20-25 mins duration. Examples of exercises include:

Group discussion on the analysis of operations including what management wants and rewards.

Group discussion on how to define success measures and aligning risk strategy with organizational goals.

Group work on identifying examples of KPIs and KRIs and their connection to organizational objectives.

Exercise on how to identify techniques of risk analysis applicable to the case study.

Group exercise to identify and apply risk solutions to the case study.

Group exercise to identify ways to engage an organization’s risk network using case studies.


For Professionals

Experience Requirement

Seven years of risk management experience.
Possessing the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) counts toward two years of risk management experience.

Education Requirement

Bachelor’s degree or higher (or global equivalent) in risk management, and one year of full-time work experience (or full-time equivalence) in risk management.
Bachelor’s degree or higher (or global equivalent) in the non-risk management area of study, and three years of full-time work experience (or full-time equivalence) in risk management.

For Students

Students enrolled in the final year of a bachelor’s degree program or higher (or global equivalent) in risk management.

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Instructor profile

Roop Kumar - RIMS CRMP

N.K.V. Roop Kumar

Professional Highlights:

Over 34 Years of experience (20 Years in LIC of India & 14 Years in SBI Life Insurance) in leading multi-unit teams, handling critical portfolios in Enterprise Risk Management, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Business Continuity, Fraud Monitoring, Insurance & Marketing etc. Previously was the EVP, Chief of Risk, Info & Cyber Sec. Mgmt. at SBI Life Insurance India

Education Highlights:

Fellow of RIMS, USA (RF), Fellow of Life Management Office Association (FLMI LOMA- USA), Fellow of Risk Management Association of India (FRMAI) & International Council Member of the RIMS, USA.

ORM - Professional Operational Risk Manager

Fee with Flexible Payment Options

TOTAL FEE- INR 1,08,000 + GST ( Fee paid is non-refundable and non-transferable )
Details Participants Fee
Application Fee INR 10,000 + 1800 (GST) Apply now
Program Fee INR 98,000 + 17,640 (GST)

GST (as applicable)

View Payment Structure for INR 98,000 + GST

For corporate pricing, please email at pratikshak@nse.co.in
Early applications encouraged, Limited seats are available.

Fee includes the following:

RIMS-CRMP application & exam Fee (of value USD 500)

RIMS-CRMP Exam Prep Fee (of value USD 1999)

Check the latest Fee on the RIMS website
Contact NSE Academy if you are an educational institute or a student for registration with a scholarship

About RIMS

RIMS, the risk management society®, is a global professional association committed to advancing the practice of risk management throughout the world. We bring networking, professional development, certification, and education opportunities to our membership of 10,000 risk management professionals in over 60 countries. Founded in 1950, the Society represents more than 3,500 industrial, service, non-profit, charitable and government entities throughout the world. To access the RIMS Risk Knowledge resource library and for additional information about the Society, visit Risk management society

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About NSE Academy

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NSE Academy Ltd. has been established as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India Limited, which promotes financial literacy and skill-oriented financial markets courses with online testing and certification system. NSE Academy, in association with reputed Universities & Colleges in India, has been offering various certification programs at the campuses of the respective Universities / colleges / institutes. NSE Academy Certification courses have been designed with industry participants for the grooming of candidates with industry-related skills. All the programs are crafted to prepare the students for their future roles in the financial and technology industry, visit NSE Academy Limited

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP) is an accredited certification that validates the risk professional’s performance ability, technical knowledge, and commitment to quality. The certification represents the standard of education, experience, and ethics that the discipline requires.

It is accredited by American National Standard Institute (ANSI) under ISO/IEC 17024:2012and stands as the only globally recognized certification for risk professionals

The RIMS-CRMP Certification requires a broader level of knowledge than a designation. RIMS-CRMP Certification requires these credentials, which are not required by CRM, ARM, and RF:

  • Demonstrated body of knowledge, generally by-passing exam(s).
  • A specific level of experience (practicum) for eligibility.
  • Continuing education.
  • Adherence to a code of conduct.

No. All risk professionals are eligible to take the RIMS-CRMP Certification exam provided they meet specified educational and professional experience requirements. The security risk management course is open to all.

  • 120 multiple choice questions
  • Computer Based Test or Remote Test
  • 2.0 hours

    There are 5 core competencies of a risk professional:
  • Analysing the Business Model
  • Designing Organisational Risk Strategies
  • Implementing the Risk Process
  • Developing Organisational Risk Competency
  • Supporting Decision Making

The RIMS-CRMP Certification is awarded for a period of two years.

The prep course has a RIMS self-paced component coupled with live sessions led by expert trainers of RIMS. The course is divided into modules and at the end of each module, a few sample questions are provided. The self-paced module also covers Exam Preparation Strategies. The course also focuses on the benefits of obtaining RIMS-CRMP Certification. While the candidates attend the virtual live session the self-paced videos help to reinstate classroom learning.

Candidates who were unsuccessful in testing will be able to retake the test, provided they pay a retest fee for each subsequent occurrence.

The recertification period begins on the certification date and ends two years on the first day of the month following the date of certification. Any subsequent recertification periods will run from the final day of the recertification month through the first day of the subsequent month after a period of two years.

For example:
Certification Date: November 12, 2016
  • 1st Recertification Cycle begins: November 12, 2016
  • 1st Recertification Cycle ends: November 30, 2018
  • 2nd Recertification Cycle: December 1, 2018 – November 30, 2020

Recertification fees are due at the time of submission of the recertification application and must be paid in full.

  • Members: $150 • Non-Members: $300 ( check)
  • Apply for the exam at www.RIMS.org/Certification and visit the ‘Application’ section. Candidates may also request a copy by contacting the RIMS-CRMP Certification Department at RIMS-CRMP@RIMS.org

    The candidate must log in to start the application.

    The application includes the following sections:
    • Applicant Contact Information
    • Code of Ethics, Disclosure and Attestations
    • Higher Academic Education
    • Qualifying Employment Experience
    • Payment (Your application cannot be approved until payment is made.)
    Before you start your application, make sure your supporting documents are ready. Depending on your eligibility, you are required to provide one or more of the following:
    • Official university transcript from the Registrar confirming dates of attendance—grades not required. (Copies of photographs of a diploma will not be accepted.)
    • Employment verification form (Supervisor or HR Manager signature required)

    • All qualifying employment experience and education must be completed at the time the application is submitted.

      The completed application and full payment must be received in the RIMS-CRMP office. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within 15 business days as approved or rejected. The email will include detailed directions for how to register or the RIMS-CRMP examination

    Exam can be taken whenever the candidate is comfortable during the 6 months authorisation period, which is achieved after the application is approved. The RIMS-CRMP certifications exam is offered throughout the year. (Note: If you miss your timeframe, the examination fee will be forfeited, and you will have to reapply as a new applicant.)

    The RIMS-CRMP Certification Exam is offered at PearsonVue testing sites across the globe. For your safety and comfort at this time, you can now take the test remotely from your home or office.

    Exams are graded on a pass/fail basis to provide risk certification to the professionals.

    No. The exam content and any test-related materials are confidential and not available for review. However, test takers who did not pass the exam will be provided with an overview of their performance on each of the domains.

    Candidates will receive an email from the RIMS-CRMP Certification Department with detailed instructions for scheduling the examination with Pearson VUE or online or by telephone for CBT exams at Pearson testing centres.

    You are strongly urged to schedule your test as soon as convenient after your application is approved. You will receive an “Authorization to Test” via email. This authorization will contain the timeframe within which you must test. Your authorization will be valid for six months.

    If you do not test within your original authorization, you have the opportunity to request an extension for the next available test window for an additional fee.

    If you do not request an extension at least 24 hours prior to your examination date, you will need to reapply and pay a new examination fee. Please refer to the Fee Schedule on the RIMS-CRMP website. A fee schedule is located on page 15.

    Candidates must provide two forms of identification (a list of acceptable forms of identification is below), at least one of which must be government issued, have a photo and a signature. The name on the IDs must match exactly the name submitted on the application or on the web account profile and in the appointment confirmation email.

    The RIMS-CRMP Certification Department and Pearson VUE will send an email to candidates with a complete list of examination registration instructions. The candidate should contact the RIMS-CRMP Certification Department immediately if they do not receive the emailed instruction

    Once appointment is scheduled, the candidate will be permitted to make changes to the appointment such as location, rescheduling or cancellation.

    All changes are made through the PearsonVue.com website. Candidates may cancel a scheduled exam (by phone or online for CBT exams and online only for online proctored exams) without penalty up to 24 hours before their appointment.

    Candidates who do not give 24-hour notice of cancellation or who do not show up for the exam appointment will be considered a no-show.

    Candidates who show up late and are not admitted, fail to present adequate identification, or refuse to sign the nondisclosure agreement will not be allowed to take the test and will be considered a no-show. Candidates who are considered no-shows forfeit the full examination fee.

    Should no-show candidates wish to register for the examination again, they will be required to pay an additional examination (no-show) fee. A fee schedule is located on page 15 or you may view it on the How to Apply section of the RIMS-CRMP website.

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