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This course is designed to understand all types of securities markets like equity, mutual funds and derivatives. Understand how to read markets and their movements. Learn about all types of investments and how they will help you achieve your financial goals! You will get access to a Trading Simulator loaded with virtual money to test your trading strategies.

The course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the securities market and its various trading instruments. It then introduces you to mutual funds and helps you evaluate various related products available in the markets. Introduction to instrument like Options is covered subsequently along with six hours of pure technical analysis on stocks.

The last module is Basics of Exchange Traded Funds is a module that covers various techniques of investing. Gain insights on Index Funds, Mutual Funds, Structure, benefits, and risks of ETFs.

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6 Certificate Courses

6 Courses


Securities Markets Beginners Module

03 Hours

Mutual Funds Beginners Module

05 Hours

Introduction to Options

1.5 Hours

Financial Markets Beginners Module

03 Hour

Introduction to Technical Analysis

06 Hour

Basics of Exchange Traded Funds

30 Mins

10 Short Modules (SLP)

100 Hours of Learning

Fixed Income
11 Hours
02 Hours
08 Hours
Commercial Banking
16 Hours
Life Insurance
07 Hours
13 Hours
Venture Capital and Private Equity
07 Hours
Portfolio Management
11 Hours
09 Hours
Economic Policy & Research
10 Hours

6 Focused Learning Courses Details

Securities Markets
Securities Markets Beginners Module
Foundation of Stock Market Investing Course - Securities Markets Beginners Module Duration Duration 03 Hours

This course is a good one for anybody who would like to understand securities markets. It begins by giving an overview of securities markets and moves on to describe primary markets, the markets of first offerings and secondary markets where shareholders trade among themselves. The course also gives an insight into the Government securities markets. This also helps to understand the regulatory environment of the various markets in India. It goes on to cover the various analysis and valuation techniques to help investors evaluate their investments.

  • Securities markets in India an overview
  • Primary Markets
  • Secondary Markets
  • Government Securities Markets
  • Derivatives Market
  • Mathematics and statistics
Mutual Funds Beginners Module
Foundation of Stock Market Investing Course - Mutual Funds Beginners Module Duration Duration 05 Hours

This course demystifies the concept of mutual funds and helps create awareness and knowledge about the industry and its functioning. The course will provide an understanding of investing in mutual funds by explaining the types of products, methods of investing, processes involved, regulations, and taxation of mutual funds.

  • Mutual Funds
  • Mutual Funds - Products and Features -Equity Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Debt Funds
  • Liquid Funds
  • Offer Document
  • Accounting, Valuation and Taxation
  • Regulations
  • Growth of Online Platforms for Mutual Funds
Introduction to Options
Duration 1.5 Hours

This course is designed to understand the fundamental of an Option contract and various terminology associated with Options contracts like exercise style, moneyness, intrinsic value/ time value etc. The course also explains the types of options and their significance and discusses the payoff profile. In the options program, you will be learning hedging techniques, which will reduce the risks in your portfolio.

  • Features of an Option Contract
  • Options Terminology: Brief discussion on key terms
  • Types of Options: Put - Call Parity
  • Usage and Applications of Options: Discussion on the pay-off profiles
  • How can we use options?
  • Mathematics and statistics
Financial Markets Beginners Module
Duration 03 Hours

This course will help to understand investment strategies and performance evaluation. It will help you to manage your wealth and plan your portfolio. It will also help in tax and estate planning and give various financial planning strategies. This will help you allocate wealth through a systematic understanding of risk and reward and planning specific goals.

  • Investment Basics
  • Secondary Markets
  • Concepts and Modes of Analysis
  • Derivatives
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Primary Markets
  • Mutual Funds
  • Securities
  • Depository
  • Miscellaneous
Introduction to Technical Analysis
Duration 06 Hours

Technical analysis is all about the analysis of markets and market movements. Technical analysis believes that markets follow a pattern and investing on the basis of this pattern is the most efficient method of investing. There are some principles and theories to this, and the course covers all about the same. Technical analysis is led by charts and trends and their interpretation to predict markets. This course will give you an in-depth knowledge of all these aspects, helping you analyze markets with expertise.

  • An overview of Technical Analysis
  • Types of charts and their features
  • Theories underlying Technical analysis
  • Trend Line/Channel and its Interpretation
Basics of Exchange Traded Funds
Duration 30 Mins

After going through the entire course, a user should be able to understand

  • The Various styles of investing
  • The basics of index fund
  • Know about the basics of mutual fund
  • Learn the relevant investment concepts
  • Understand the way in which ETF works
  • Know about the structure, benefits, and risks of ETF

  • Active and passive styles of investing
  • Basics of Index Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Basics of Mutual Funds
  • Relevant Investment concepts
  • Types of ETFs
  • Stock Market Index
  • How ETFs works
  • ETF Structure

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