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About Derivatives Trading & Strategies Course Set

The Derivatives Trading & Strategies course set will help the candidate to understand and trade in derivatives. As one knows, derivatives are advanced trading/investment instruments and require skill and knowledge to trade in them. They are good hedging instruments and this course will cover the detailed knowledge of equity and commodity derivatives. The candidate will learn the various trading strategies for both futures and options, which are the key derivatives traded in India today. The course starts with an introduction to derivatives and moves on to futures, options and their pricing. It would also cover forwards, but the focus will be on exchange-traded derivatives.

  • Covers study of all types of derivatives and their trading
  • Learn Futures Trading Options and various strategies for trading in futures
  • Learn options and also their pricing and trading strategies
  • Learn forex trading in derivatives
  • Over 45 Hours of On-Demand Video Sessions
  • High Quality & Focused Learning Designed by Domain Professionals

10 Focused Learning Courses

10 Focused Learning Courses Details


Derivatives are advanced trading instruments and understanding them is key to investing in them. This course leads to an introduction to basic derivatives and their various types and how to begin trading in them. This introduction is necessary for delving deeper into derivatives as one can see later on in this course.

The candidate would understand various financial derivatives available in the market understanding the various building blocks ( viz. Credit Extension Products, Price Fixing Contracts and Price Insurance Contracts ) and risk Management.

    Highlight Course Outline
  • Introduction to Financial Derivatives
  • Understanding Derivative products
  • Trading in Derivatives

The more one reads/learns/understands about derivatives, the more fascinating it proves. In this highly elaborated course of 25 hours, we cover all derivatives comprehensively including futures and options and advanced derivatives like SWAPS, FRAs, and structured products. This covers the trading of these derivatives along with the key features and how they help various traders and investors hedge their losses. Trading on the Exchange platform and strategies to trade these products are also covered.

    Outline Introduction Application of Derivatives
  • Forwards
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Structured Products
  • FRAs
Financial Derivatives

Option Trading Fundamental

This course is designed to understand the fundamental of an Option contract and various terminology associated with Options contracts like exercise style, moneyness, intrinsic value/ time value etc. The course also explains the types of options and their significance and discussion on the payoff profile. In the options program, the candidate will be learning hedging techniques, which will reduce the risks in their portfolio.

    Outline Course Outline
  • Features of an Option Contract
  • Options Terminology: Brief discussion on key terms
  • Types of Options: Put-Call Parity
  • Usage and Applications of Options: Discussion on the pay-off profiles
  • How can we use options?

Equity options are the first go-to options products in derivatives. This course covers all the details from basics to trading in equity options. This will help the candidate to understand the trading environment and work within all regulations and margins. This will also help the candidate to learn various options terminologies and understand option contracts to the fullest.

    Highlights Course Outline
  • Introduction to options: Basic understanding of Equity Options
  • Options terminology: Holder and Writer of an Option, Strike Price, Premium, ITM etc
  • Specifications of a Currency Options contract
  • Margins: Various trade margins
Equity Options

Equity Futures

The Equity Futures course is designed to increase one's skill in trading the global Futures markets. This course helps in understanding the meaning of Equity Futures and their fundamentals in futures contracts. It also explains the various terms associated with contract specifications and the trading mechanism in stock exchanges. The course combines powerful skill-building lessons with interactive live market trading sessions. Further, the course also has the component of Settlement and Risk management functions. Margin and the type of margin are also explained towards the end of the course.

    Course highlight Course Outline
  • Introduction to Equity Futures
  • Contract Specifications
  • Settlement and Margins

While we covered Equity options in the previous course, options are also used in currency markets. Trading in foreign currency derivatives takes the form of currency options and it requires some understanding to trade in the same. This course will help the candidate learn about types of currency options and their trading. There are also various specifications on currency options and risk management in the form of margins. In this course, the candidate will learn in-depth about all these.

    Currency Options Outline Course Outline
  • Introduction to Currency Options: Basics of Currency Options and its types
  • Specifications of a Currency Options contract
  • Margins: Margins imposed by the exchange
Currency Options Course

Currency Futures course outline

Forex trading has taken importance today and this course helps to demystify the same. Currency futures are popular trading derivatives, and this course comprehensively covers all needed to know about trading in currency derivatives. The program will enable a beginner to understand the product, methods of trading them efficiently, and ways to control risks in such trading. This is a natural progression from Equity Futures, helping the candidate learn all about futures.

    Currency Futures Course Course Outline
  • Features & Market participants: Overview of global currency markets
  • Introduction: What are currency futures, and their difference from OTC forwards.
  • Foreign Exchange Fundamentals Global Markets: Factors affecting global currency markets, and their interpretation for trading
  • Settlement: How futures settle, and the various margins imposed by the exchange.

Options are of various types. Trading in them involves a lot of knowledge and understanding of various strategies using which they are traded. Using such strategies, the candidate can create a portfolio of various types of options with various combinations to meet their investment needs. This course helps to learn all about option strategies.

    Option Trading Strategies Course Outline Course Outline
  • Portfolio of Options: How to create the desired portfolio of options like spreads, straddle, asset option combinations, etc.
Option Trading Strategies Course

Options Strategies & Pricing

This course is an advanced level of understanding options, trading them effectively and learning to price options. Various strategies are used to trade different types of options. There are also various methods used for pricing them and trading them based on such pricing methods. This course covers advanced derivatives like swaptions, and exotic options, and also covers the operational aspects of deals in options.

    Options Strategies & Pricing Outline Course Outline
  • Options Trading: How options are traded in the Inter-bank market.
  • Interest Rate Options: Types of interest rate options, such as - 'Interest Rate Caps’, ‘Floors', and 'Collars'
  • Operational Aspects of an Option Deal
    • Key operations specific to options
    • Option Pricing
    • Pricing Models: 'Black-Scholes Model'
    • Exotic option pricing using Binomial Trees
    • Pricing 'Exotic Options' using a sample pricer
    • Option Pricing
    • Pricing Exotic Options (such as - barrier options, interest rate cap/ floor pricing and interest rate collar pricing, etc.)
    • Introduction to 'Option Greeks'
    • Measuring different dimensions of risk in an option position
    • Delta Hedging in practice
  • Swaptions
    • Definition and their use
    • Difference between Swaption and a cap
  • Exotic Options: A discussion on 'Digital Options' and 'Barrier Options'

Trading derivatives can be scientific and requires knowledge of various strategies. Yes, various types of traders use different types of strategies to trade in derivatives. This course covers various strategies for trading in derivatives and using them for hedging and arbitrage. Efficient trading in derivatives is dependent on effectively using these strategies.

    Trading Strategies Outline Course Outline
  • Support & Resistance Strategies
  • Heikin Ashi strategy
  • Dip Trip Strategy
  • Types of strategies: Directional, Nondirectional, and Arbitrage Strategies
  • Moving average Strategies
  • Chart Pattern Strategies Fibonacci Strategies
  • Trend Strategies & Trend line Strategies
  • Divergence Strategies
Trading Strategies Course

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