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The value of analyzing Data is significant across all functions of a business, yet most fail to utilize its true potential. For some, the challenge is the sheer volume of data while for others it is identifying how to derive actionable insights from it.

The Data Analytics and Business Intelligence program has been developed by NSE Academy & Grant Thornton to equip professionals to overcome the challenges of analyzing large data sets and deciphering meaningful business insights.

  • Begins with fundamentals for data analytics, statistics and excel refresher before moving to core modules.

  • Training methodologies and use cases ensure that the training output is efficient and produces relevant insights.

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Program Certificates

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Professional Certificate

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Professional

issued by NSE Academy and Grant Thornton

Insightful Financial Analysis Certificate

Insightful Financial Analysis

issued by AICPA & CIMA and NSE Academy

Advanced EXCEL BootCamp Certificate

Advanced EXCEL BootCamp

issued by GT Bharat and NSE Academy

Problem Solving Methodologies - completion certificate

Problem Solving Methodologies

issued by Deakin Co, Australia and NSE Academy

Program Highlights

This program is developed by practitioners at NSE Academy & Grant Thornton to equip learners with the sought-after skill set. It begins with foundational topics (data analytics, statistics, and MS Excel) before moving to the core modules.

  • Sessions Recordings: Dedicated support from your Program Manager before-after the session.

  • Personalized Support: Create a valuable distinction in the job market. The RIMS-CRMP prepares you for senior financial, operational, and risk management roles.

  • Competitive Advantage: Prepares for roles in the broader spectrum of Data Analytics.
  • Industry Aligned Curriculum: Combines academic elegance and business relevance.

  • NSE Knowledge Hub: the program will be delivered through NSE Knowledge Hub, a complete AI Powered Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

  • Experiential Learning: Transform through hands-on tools, applications, projects, and case studies.
  • Upskill for Better Pay-Scale: Professionals with relevant certification may earn up to INR 10 LPA. *Source
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Tools and Languages

Learn to analyse data using the most sought-after tools and languages

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics







Microsoft Excel

MS Excel

R programming

R programming

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Predictive Modelling

Predictive Modelling



Power BI

Power BI

Ideal For

Sales, Marketing & Operations Professionals

Finance Professionals

Business Heads

Tech Professionals


Supply Chain Professionals


Students (MBA/ BBA/ Engineering)

Data Analytics Business Intelligence Professional Program is highly beneficial for Mentioned People

Course Structure


Identify the key components in a financial statement analysis
Identify the components in a ratio analysis
Identify methods for predicting cash flow

Simplify complex spreadsheets
Streamline operational work by using advanced formulas and templates
Use advanced functions to improve productivity
Enhance spreadsheets by applying visual elements such as charts and graphics

Problem-solving approaches
Case studies
Case study application

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Course Structure

Identify the key components in a financial statement analysis
Identify the components in a ratio analysis
Identify methods for predicting cash flow

Simplify complex spreadsheets
Streamline operational work by using advanced formulas and templates
Use advanced functions to improve productivity
Enhance spreadsheets by applying visual elements such as charts and graphics

Problem-solving approaches
Case studies
Case study application

Core Learning Modules

A-1 Python Programming Essentials I - Variables, Expressions, and Control Statements
A-2 Python Programming Essentials II - Functions and Data Structures
A-3 Python Libraries for Data Science - NumPy
A-4 Python Libraries for Data Science - Pandas
A-5 Python Assignment
A-6 Business Intelligence (using Power BI)
A-7 Practical Data Considerations: Data Cleaning and Preparation Course Project: Python
A-8Identify organizational uncertainties

B-1 Understanding the Business Problem
B-2 Time Series Forecasting
B-3 Exploratory Data Analysis

C-1 Visualizing perceptual data
C-2 Interpreting visualizing output
C-3 Visualization using Tableau
C-4 Data Storytelling: Narrate Stories in a Memorable Way
C-5 Project on deriving business insights and storytelling

D-1 Supervised ML
D-2 Predictive Analysis (Linear Regression, Logistic, Lasso, Ridge, K-Means)
D-3 Introduction to Ensemble Models: Random Forest & Boosting

E-1 Unsupervised Learning: Association Rules Mining (Market Basket Analysis)
E-2 Classification & Regression Models using Neural Networks
E-3 Introduction to Deep Learning
E-4 Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
E-5 Introduction to Natural Language Processing
E-6 Modelling on Text data Assignment
E-7 Executing AI Strategy


Data Preparation

Data-Driven Strategy

Customer Analytics

Process Design

Live Dashboards

Risk Analytics





Online LIVE

Online Self-paced

February & March

Core Learning Modules

Online LIVE &

Online Self-paced

April & May

Core Learning Modules

Online LIVE

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Program Coaches

Pranav Kaushik - Grant Thornton

Pranav Kaushik

Pranav Kaushik is currently Partner and Client Advisor with Grant Thornton. He leads Digital Transformation services at dGTL. He specializes in helping clients leverage high potential emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, Chatbots, Blockchain, and open-source web technologies to solve complex business problems.

He is a regular speaker at several industry events and some of the projects that he has delivered are industry leading and globally awarded. Pranav is an MBA from Lancaster University Management School, UK and earned certification from Stanford University in Machine Learning.

Raman Shenoy

Raman Shenoy is a partner & works as GBS Advisory and Transformation with Grant Thornton. He has over 16 years of experience in leading strategic and large transformation assignments for global organizations in India and aboard. His expertise is in GBS setup & transformation, contract reviews, outsourcing deal renewals, operating model design, vendor selection, data & IM (modelling, engineering & management) and global program management. He has worked with clients across a range of industries including Financial Services, CPG, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Retail, Media & Telecom, Leisure & Entertainment, Oil and Gas, and Government.

Raman completed his MBA from IBS, India and BE from MIT, Manipal. He has also earned industry leading certifications like Agile Leadership ICP-LEA & IBM Blockchain Essentials among many other achievements.

Raman Shenoy - Grant Thornton

Dr. Deepak Singh - Grant Thornton

Dr. Deepak Singh

Dr. Deepak Singh completed his doctorate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and has over 13 years of experience in the field of academics and the IT industry. His core areas of expertise include real-life applications of artificial intelligence and IoT-based systems. Apart from teaching in prominent institutions in Lucknow, he is also a consultant for several IT firms. He has also advised the UP government on IT implementation in Public Libraries.

He has played a key role in several AI-based research projects, which include the Digital Transformation of several prominent educational institutes of Lucknow, two projects funded by the Government of India, and several other projects related to AI-ML implementation. He has imparted training to several senior-level executives of IT companies in different parts of the world including Singapore, Japan, and China.

Fee with Flexible Payment Options

TOTAL FEE- INR 96, 759 (Inc. of 18% GST) ( Fee paid is non-refundable and non-transferable )
Details Participants Fee
Application Fee INR 10,000 + 1800 (GST) Apply now
Program Fee INR 71,999 + 12,960 (GST)

GST (as applicable)

View EMI options for INR 96, 759/- (Inc. of 18% GST)

For corporate pricing, please email at shivkants@nse.co.in
Early applications encouraged, Limited seats are available.

Fee includes the following:

Access to NSE Knowledge Hub Platform for two years
International Certificates (Primers, Course)
Course Material
Access to Recorded Sessions
Career Support Services

  • Personalized Resume Builder
  • LinkedIn Profile Support

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