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Classes Start in August, 2021

Robo-advisor led asset management market to grow to $16 Trillion by 2025

Financial Services spending on AI in Asia/Pacific to reach US $4.29 Billion in 2024

ML techniques speed up calculations, reduce costs and unlock accurate valuations

Value of AI technology in Finance estimated to grow at 23.37% (CAGR) to $22.6 Billion by 2025

3 Reasons Why This Program is Unique

  • From the NSE Group
    • NSE, India’s largest Stock Exchange with deep tech expertise
    • Learn from top Practitioners and leading Academicians
    • Work on real market data

  • Cutting-edge Applied Learning
    • Case Study based approach with access to market data
    • 1:1 Mentor Support for Hands-on Learning
    • Apply learnings and build expertise with Capstone Projects

  • The TalentSprint Advantage
    • Executive-friendly immersive learning on iPearl.ai
    • Join the alumni network of DeepTech professionals
    • Career Accelerator for far-reaching advancement

AI for Financial Markets

Global Demand for Qualified Professionals

  • Portfolio Managers
  • Trade Product Development Manager
  • Project Manager - Capital Markets
  • Capital Markets Product Analyst
  • Portfolio Analysts
  • Business Analyst - Capital Markets
  • Product and Market Intelligence Analyst
  • Analyst - Debt Capital Markets
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Quantitative Researcher
  • Investment Analyst
  • Investment Manager
  • Data Intelligence Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
  • Risk Managers
  • Traders
  • Machine Learning Researcher
  • Capital Market Management Consultant
  • Compliance Consultant - Capital Markets
  • Capital Markets Consultant
  • And more


About the Program

Financial markets are undergoing transformation fuelled by AI and other cognitive technologies. Advanced AI and ML techniques are helping create customized investment options, improving customer experience through bots, and reducing information asymmetries. By 2025, the financial services sector is expected to spend $19bn on AI and cognitive technologies compared to only $5.6bn in 2019. In India alone, Financial Services and Markets is one of the biggest spenders on AI across different use cases (IDC).

The Advanced Certification Program in AI for Financial Markets is designed leveraging the expertise of NSE, the world’s largest Derivative Exchange (2020) and India’s largest stock exchange. The program is aimed at financial market professionals keen to unlock the power of AI technologies. The program is brought to you by TalentSprint, an NSE group company, which brings transformational high-end and deep-tech learning programs to emerging and experienced professionals.

The 6-month program is ideal for professionals working in Hedge Funds, Investment Banking, Stock Markets, Commodity Markets, Derivatives, Insurance, Forex, Money Markets, Fintech Start-ups, NBFCs, and Regulators.

Participants will experience hands-on learning from top industry and academic experts in an interactive online format on TalentSprint’s state-of-the-art digital platform. The curriculum will focus on case studies to enable experiential learning. Participants will also get to apply their learnings on leading industry capstones under expert mentor support, to ensure fast-track learning.

How AI is transforming Financial Markets

  • Algorithmic Trading
    ML algorithms monitor trade results and detect patterns that determine if stock prices go up or down.
  • AI for Risk Monitoring and Mitigation
    AI models can predict risky investments, and suggest ways to balance the portfolio to achieve RoI goals.
  • AI-enabled Investment Trust
    An AI enabled software running on NLP used by Goldman Sachs helps predict best investments, identify undervalued shares and determine profitability.
  • AI for Client Advisory Services
    AI gets realistic synthetic data that helps in building better recommendations for client advisory services.
  • AI for Anti-money Laundering
    An AI-enabled application devised by HSBC, identifies patterns within historical data, pointing towards money laundering and helps the bank stop payments before they violate regulations.
  • AI for Trade Flow Analysis and Document Search
    Incorporating AI algorithms enabling to tag documents with metadata for greater searchability and transparency.
  • AI for Asset Management
    AI deploys predictive models enabling fund managers to anticipate changes in cash position impacting liquidity.
  • And many more

Learn from Leaders

The program will be taught by industry practitioners and business school faculty who are experts working in the field of technology and financial management.

A seasoned Quant Trader and a Data Science evangelist, Dr. Anand is a B.Tech from IIT-Bombay and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. He has 16 years of experience in the financial sector and nearly a decade of that was at US based Quantitative Hedge fund. As a Portfolio Manager at the Hedge Fund he built systematic trading strategies and also traded in all 4 asset classes (Equities, Commodities, Currencies and Interest Rates) using Data Science. Anand has also taught at various universities like Duke and Penn State. He teaches AI, Data Analytics, Computational Finance & Algorithmic Trading. He is also a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) charter holder. His research interests include Machine Learning, Retail Forecasting, Time-series Analysis, Quantitative Model Building, Derivatives Trading, Futures Trading. He also has been consulting on Data Science related projects in Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Markets & Political Analytics.

A Programming Guru and Chief Learning Officer at TalentSprint, Asokan holds a PG Diploma in Computer Programming. He has held leadership positions such as CEO of MinVesta, CTO of Ma Foi, Chief Trainer at Virtusa, and Technical Director of Brilliant's Computer Centre. With a solid software development experience of over 35 years, Asokan holds expertise in COBOL, Clipper, C, C++, Python and knowledge of Haskell, Elixir, Clojure, Java and Ruby. He has trained more than 1000 software engineers, designed over 25 courses.

An Assistant Professor in the Finance and Control (Academic) Group at IIM Calcutta, Dr. Sudhakara holds a Ph.D. in Finance from IBS Hyderabad. Before joining IIM Calcutta, he worked for 4 years at IBS Hyderabad as an Assistant Professor (2013 to 2016) and then as an Area Chair and Associate Professor (2016 to 2017). He has several research papers to his credit in reputed journals. He is currently the consulting editor of IUP journal of Applied Finance and ad-hoc reviewer for International Review of Economics & Finance, Managerial Finance, International Journal of Managerial Finance, Afro-Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting, and Global Business Review. His areas of research include Corporate Finance with an emphasis on Liquidity and Algorithmic Trading, Pricing and Demand aspects of IPOs.

A leading Blockchain expert, Sunil is the author of the book "Bitcoin Magnet." He is among the first to pioneer Blockchain Executive Education in India. He has been advising Startups and their ICOs over the last six years. He has two decades of experience in teaching, research and startup consulting. His professional interest zones are Blockchain Technology startups, online learning and digital business models. He aspires to live in a world where people can develop multiple forms of intelligence and create immense abundance.



  • Introduction to
    Data Science in Finance
  • Fundamentals of
  • Introduction to
    Machine Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
    and Optimization
  • Advanced
    ML Methods
  • Understanding Market Behavior: Market Microstructure, Behavioral Finance & Derivatives
  • Algorithmic
  • Time series and
    Forecasting Methods
  • Blockchain and
    Big Data Engineering

Capstone Projects

  • Stock Selection Algorithm
    using Fundamental Data
  • Adjusting Leverage in a Portfolio
    using AI based methods
  • Smart Portfolio
    Allocation Strategy
  • Stock Price Prediction
    using ML methods
  • Build Volatility Forecasting Algorithm
    using Time Series methods
  • Automated Stock Trading
    Using ML Algorithms
  • NSE Stock Market Prediction
    Using Deep-Learning Models
  • Time Series Forecasting of (Choose any company) Stock Prices Using LSTM
  • And

Case Studies and Hands-on Labs

  • Creation of Index
    Tracking Funds
  • Anti-money
  • Robo-advisors
  • Risk Monitoring
    in Hedge Funds
  • Forecasting of
    Economic Series

Delivery Format

  • Faculty-led Interactive Masterclass Lectures
  • Case Studies and Hands-on Labs
  • Capstone Projects
  • Mentor Support
  • Interactions with Practitioners


Education: Any Graduation Degree

Experience: Minimum 1 year

Computational Thinking necessary to derive full value of this Program. Preparatory / Refresher Sessions are scheduled.

Best suited for professionals working in Hedge funds, Investment banks, Stock markets, Commodity markets, Derivative markets, Insurance markets, Forex markets, Money markets, Fintech start-ups, NBFCs and Regulators

Your Learning Journey

  • Apply for the Program

  • Wait for Selection

  • Block Your Seat

  • Enroll for the Program

  • Start Building Expertise

  • Earn Certification

The selection for the program will be done strictly based on the eligibility criteria and the motivation of applicants as expressed in their statement of purpose.

Fee with Flexible Payment Options

Details Domestic Participants International Participants
Program Fee ₹3,00,000 $4,500

Career Accelerator

  • kaggle logo Compelling Profile
    Build a compelling professional profile with a DeepTech edge
  • kaggle logo Priority Career Access
    Get priority access to career opportunities in the industry
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    Become a member of an exclusive community of DeepTech experts
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